OEM Samsung HM7000 Universal Bluetooth Headset BHM7000NBAC - $29.99

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Product Description

The Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth headset is ultra-slim, ultra capable and ultra convenient. It's sleek and it packs a powerful feature set, including voice commands, voice prompt and a revolutionary mobile charging cradle/carrying case.


Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth Headset is Ultra-Slim

If you want a headset that is ultra-slim, ultra-capable, and ultra-convenient, then meet your match: the Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth headset. So sleek that you just may forget that you are even wearing a headset, the HM7000 packs a powerful feature set, including voice commands and voice prompts, Android application support, and a revolutionary mobile charging cradle/carrying case. The Samsung HM7000 is a perfect headset to help you keep your hands free whether you are working in the office or driving in your car.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

It's a small headset loaded with many different features. The HM7000 allows you to answer and make calls with simple commands, manage text-to speech settings, connection settings, caller ID, alarms and more. You are also able to view your Bluetooth headset status on your phone and customize the settings of your headset with the text-to-speech capabilities offered through the FreeSync Android application.

HeadsetActual Product in Case

The Cradle IS the Carrying Case

The HM7000 is accompanied by an ingenious companion: a charging cradle and carrying case all in one. When fully charged, this device can offer two to three times the amount of battery life of the HM7000 itself, protecting and charging your Bluetooth headset while you're on the go. Other features include extended battery life, music streaming (A2DP support), dual-mic noise cancellation, and multipoint technology.

Product Case

Technical Specifications

The Bluetooth headset measures 48mm long x 19mm wide x 12mm high and weighs in at a mere 11 grams. The headset includes Bluetooth Version 3.0 with a talk time up to 4 hours, standby time up to 160 hours, and play time up to 4 hours (charging case adds up to 3 additional charges).


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Samsung Bluetooth isolat Noise Canceling Technology

Samsung Bluetooth headsets are setting a new standard in clarity with isolat dual-mic noise canceling technology. Combining active sound wave cancelation with optimum microphone position to counter unwanted background interference and wind noise, isolat ensures your words will be heard and your conversations understood. isolate is available on the new HM7000 - the overacheiver of the wireless world.

Package Contents

What's in the box: HM7000 wireless Bluetooth headset, charging case, universal micro USB charger, two earhooks, five ear gels, and a Quick Start Guide.

  • Voice Commands
  • FreeSync Android application support
  • Custom mobile charging cradle/carrying case
  • Extended battery life
  • Dual-mic noise cancellation