Bose® AE2 audio headphones (Black) - $79.99

image for Bose® AE2 audio headphones (Black)
  • Comes in original box with black Bose carrying bag included.
  • A new standard of audio performance that immerses you in your music; Improved ear cushions for hours of comfortable listening.
  • Adjustable, cushioned headband for more comfortable fit
  • Advanced design, durable materials for lasting quality
  • Fold-flat design and carry bag for easy storage and transport

Deal Description

Immerse yourself in your music with the improved audio performance of Bose AE2 headphones. You'll hear smoother audio throughout the entire frequency range, from full lows to clear highs. AE2 headphones can enhance your listening at home and on the go from your favorite audio sources, including portable players and laptops.

Bose AE2 Audio Headphones Highlights
  • TriPort acoustic headphone structure reproduces tonally balanced audio with deep low notes from lightweight, around-ear headphones. Available only from Bose.
  • Bose acoustic equalization fine-tunes the frequency response of the headphones for exceptional audio performance.
  • Around-ear headphone design features soft cushions that provide an acoustic seal between the headphones and the user's head, enhancing both performance and comfort.
  • Adjustable headband allows approximately three inches of adjustment in length. Sturdy design features soft cushion for added comfort.
  • Fold-flat earcups allow for easy storage and transport.
  • Detachable cable features attachment to a single earcup for less tangling and greater freedom of movement than Y-cables.
  • Drawstring carry bag stores headphones for convenient transport.